Endorsements Received
~Past and Present~

Endorsements Received
~Past and Present~

California Constitutional Officers
Gray Davis, Governor; Cruz Bustamante, Lieutenant Governor; Bill Jones, Secretary of State; Bill Lockyer, Attorney General
California Congressional Delegation
Hilda L. Solís, 31st District; Lucille Roybal-Allard, 33rd District; Grace F. Napolitano, 34th District;
Stephen Horn, 38th District; Joe Baca, 42rd District;
Loretta Sánchez, 46th District

California State Senate
John Vasconcellos, 13th District; Richard Alarcon, 20th District; Jack Scott, 21st District; Gloria Romero, 24th District

California State Assembly
Virginia Strom-Martin, 1st District; Darrell Steinberg, 9th District; Marco A. Firebaugh, 50th District;

Alan Lowenthal, 54th District
California State Departments
Kerri Mazzoni, Secretary of Education;
Jack O'Connell, State Superintendent
of Public Instruction
Maria Contreras-Sueet, Secretary of Business, Transportatio
Los Angeles
County Board of Supervisors

Gloria Molina, 1st District; Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, 2nd District; Don Knabe, 4th District;
Michael Antonovich, 5th District
n & Housing

Los Angeles County District Attorney
Steve Cooley, District Attorney
City Mayors
Beverly O'Neill, Long Beach
James Hahn, Los Angeles
Business & Civic Endorsements
Earth Tech

Honorable Albert C. Zapanta, Chairman
Reserve Forces Policy Board, DoD;
63rd Regional Support Command
United States Army
Diplomatic Corps
Relaciones Internacionales de la Secretaria
de Educación Pública, México
Minister of Education, Toronto, Canada
Ministerio de Educación
República de El Salvador
Ministerio de Defensa Nacional,
República de El Salvador
El Instituto Centroamericano de Estudios Superiores de Policia


Kerry Mazzoni
Secretary for Education

Office of the Secretary
for Education


Jack O'Connell
State Superintendent of Public Instruction





Visionary International Leadership: An Interdisciplinary Initiative
for the New Millennium
CEPA Conference
Speaking Out About CEPA
El Salvador, July, 2000

~Marlon Francisco Salinas Hernández~

As a student in my final year of a Business Administration degree at the University of Central America, I would like to both thank and congratulate you for this marvelous program. My country is surrounded by problems which represent great obstacles in our ability to face the risks and opportunities which confront us at the beginning of this new millennium. My experience at the seminar has filled me with great hope-thanks to this conference I have seen how all the interrelated groups in society are willing to work together to present a united front. I saw how topics which were once matters of dispute in our world are now transformed into the elements which will forge our destiny as part of a globalized society. It is also a source of personal joy to know that there are people like Dr. Rodríguez and his outstanding team of colleagues who, though far removed from our daily lives, are still concerned and ready to help us by traveling from their country to unselfishly share their knowledge with us. In today's dehumanized world, where the meaning of cooperation is left behind in the wake of rampant personal ambition, this work is truly worth of admiration. On behalf of my country El Salvador, I want you to know that your efforts have not fallen on arid ground-on the contrary, your words have been the seed which will be multiplied by the efforts of everyone who has benefited from your work. (Translation by Janet S. Rodriguez, B.A., Idaho State University).